SoarMetWeb-2024 version

This is the latest version of the SoarMet website which allows me to develop with the latest

This is becoming the live site (over the next day or two)
It does have live data (in parallel with the live site) and I am doing forecasts on it and maintaining the outlook.
It will not be available all the time (but it appears to be behaving well)
User registration is disabled (and not necessary) (for now at least)...
Please read the development notes below!

Development notes

  • 2.3.9 Hidden admin and test functionality,
  • 2.3.7 Preparing to make this development version go live: Removed user registration (for now), Better placeholder for policy, Hidden admin and test functionality,


Recent Changes

  • Revamped website (2/5/2024). I had been aiming for April, but the poor weather "allowed" my timescales to slip
  • The weather station ISS lithium battery was replaced (2/2/2024). It needs a clean!
  • The "shrubbery" round the weather station has been causing problems:
    • Solar radiation readings (the trees are blocking the low sun)
    • Wind readings (but not sure how bad this affect is)
    • Solar panels (with some sun being blocked they may not supply enough power to charge the batteries/supercapacitor
    (problem first noticed Sep 2022)

Massive TODO list

  • Remove shrubbery or relocate station (To fix the problems stated above)
  • Use PTZ camera better. I have been looking at the API for automatically move it around
  • Install new network and PC north-side
  • Install new north-side cameras when suitable site is available (temporary or permanent)
  • 💩 Manage more scans without tumours
  • 💩 get driving again
  • 💩 get flying solo again
  • 💩 Fly LS6!
  • Sell some varios!
  • 💩Build a new clubhouse to mount some new cameras 😀 I was hoping to do this before summer 2022 2023 2024...
  • The anemometer was fixed, but the wind direction needs tuning (it is probably within 20 degrees). (9/7/2020)
  • Weather graphs:
    • Periodic auto-refresh (if it doesn't hurt the server). For now you will have to refresh by hand
    • Various TODOs shown on the graphs themselves
    • Filtering/aggregating/smoothing data, dependant on time range (WIP)
    • Make it more useable on mobiles (if needed)
    • Plus stuff I do as it occurs to me.